Peter Weed For Congress

I Will Take Action

The Economy & Inflation

Americans are suffering from frightening food shortages, rocketing gas prices, exploding housing costs.

I say revive the economy, crush inflation, and repair the supply chain immediately.  Washington’s policies are causing American households and business terrible pain.  The Administration lies to us about it daily.  They are going in the wrong direction at full speed. 

From firsthand business experience I understand the problems we are facing.  I know the solutions to:

• Repair the supply chain;

• Restore American oil production;

• Increase affordable housing and bring down rents.

Immigration & Border Security

Secure the border immediately and stop all illegal immigration, no excuses.  

Thank God for Governor Desantis standing up to the Biden Admin’s dangerous open borders agenda.  Just this month a human trafficker was arrested on I-75 near Micanopy with Mexican illegals he was bringing into Florida.  

Over two million illegal aliens — over 200,000 in each of the last three months — have stormed our country since the start of last year.  

The Biden administration has failed to protect us from the onslaught of drug cartels, leading to hundreds of thousands of overdose deaths and an explosion in human trafficking — all part of Red China’s plan to destroy the United States.  Illegals are flooding into our country in record numbers, stretching our resources and services and hurting our health and safety.  American citizens and their families are at risk.

Illegal immigration insults our newest citizens.  They took the legal path to become Americans.  These freshly minted citizens are casually lumped in with illegals who are granted unprecedented benefits.  This must stop.

As a Member of Congress I will address both sides of this titanic issue by:

• Actively working to enhance the legal immigration system;

• Aggressively pursuing measures to stop illegal ALL immigration.

Education and School Choice

Children are our most precious resource.  Protect and educate them safely and with good values and principles.  I believe that when we set them up for success they will be successful.  

School choice is imperative.  Use vouchers so parents can choose their children’s schools.  Parents have to have an unquestioned role in all aspects of their children’s education, overseeing schools’ curriculums and reading matter. 

Make school about education and not indoctrination.

I stand to ensure that America’s children are safe in their schools, on the streets, and protected from the scourge of human trafficking and twisted efforts to indoctrinate them — at a very early age — into perverted sexual deviancy and anti-American thinking.  

We must attract the best teachers.  Make schools safe so our kids are set up for success by providing educators the funding, training, tools, and equipment to educate and shape tomorrow’s successful, productive citizens.

Close The U.S. Department of Education.  Shut down this useless federal bureaucracy and return the funds and control of the schools to parents and the states, where it belongs. 

The Right to Life

I believe in the Right to Life from conception to natural death.  Period.

Election Integrity

Stamp out voter fraud.  Each and every legal vote must count.  We, the citizens of this great country have to restore faith in our elections so that every vote counts without interference or corruption.

As your Congressman in Washington, I will champion laws to:

• Investigate and prosecute election fraudsters at all levels, both individuals and organizations who undermine election integrity;

• Require positive identification of every voter, shorten election periods, and tighten rules for absentee and voting by mail.


Covid 19 and the disruption it caused changed how we view the future and everyday life.  

Take our healthcare out of the hands of the government-big Pharma complex and put it back into the hands of the health practitioners and us, their patients.  I favor Individual Health Savings Plans to empower people to make healthcare choices.

Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, & Veterans

Keep our military strong.  I am not a decorated, celebrated officer with ribbons all over my chest.  I was a soldier who understands how our military was harmed by the Obama era purges that advanced political ideologues and brought about today’s bloated, politically-correct military leadership.  

I will fight the corrosive ideologies that have damaged our military’s readiness and capabilities and work for military funding to guarantee that our American armed forces are the best trained and equipped in the world. 

On the home front, keep our families and communities safe and make sure  our law enforcement and first responders are well funded, equipped, and trained.

I bring my business background scrutinize Veterans’ medical benefits and treatment to ensure our they are receiving the best treatment and benefits.

Job Creation

Job creation and a healthy economy unburdened by arbitrary regulation are at the heart of our Congressional duties.  Its has been my lifelong work to help others earn an honest living that affords them a life they can enjoy.  

I support tax reform that makes sense.  I oppose all regulation, legislation, and taxation that impedes a growing, healthy economy and job growth. 

Limited Government and Unlimited Spending

Let’s begin with term limits.  Our government is so big and has gotten so out of control that most average people haven’t a clue about how big it really is. Do you want a balanced budget?  Do you want to pay down the deficit? It all starts by limiting the government and returning governing power to the states where it belongs.

Second Amendment

I fully support the Second Amendment and strongly defend this constitutional right vital to our American liberty.  I am a Life Member of the NRA in good standing.