Peter Weed For Congress

Meet Peter Weed


Peter Weed was born and raised in New Haven Connecticut. He is the father of 2 successful sons and grandfather of 6 wonderful grandchildren. He moved to Orlando Florida in 1978 into the newly developed Sand Lake Hills in Dr. Phillips.
Peter has seen many changes to this little community over the years and has been glad to have had a hand in helping in the growth and development of such a wonderful place as Orlando Florida.
Business Experience
Peter is an entrepreneur who has worked in several different fields over the years as a business manager, business owner, and business developer.
He has worked in the construction field, both residential and commercial. He has worked in the hospitality industries, as well as, the transportation industries, and retail. Peter has a degree in Film Technology and has also worked in the Film Industry.
As a matter of fact, that is why he relates so well to so many people and has such first-rate knowledge of the business sector overall. You can’t beat hands-on experience.
Community Involvement

Peter has worked in and around the greater Orlando area through donating time and materials to the Coalition for the Homeless, Crossroads Ministry of SOBT, Full Access Handicap Children’s Playgrounds, and many local Churches and Ministries such as Wekiva Assembly, River of Life, Church in the Son, Calvary Assembly, Lifebridge, First Baptist, Holy Family Catholic Church, Portafino Rock, just to name a few.

Proven Results
Peter was voted Businessman of the Year by The SCORE Foundation in 2009, in their Nationwide Competition, for his Entrepreneurial work with Combat Wounded Veterans.
Peter has met with public leaders, both here and in Washington DC, many times over the years giving a voice to those in the local community.
Peter is also a published author, as well as, a screenwriter with 9 screenplays to his credit.
Peter believes in God, Family, and Country. He is a Christian with a strong commitment to the Lord first in all things. When we put God first in our Families, and the dedication to our Country, true integrity shines through.
I believe in a strong military. I believe that we must continue to stand with Israel. I believe we must get back to being world leaders. I believe we absolutely must bring manufacturing back here to the United States and repair the supply chain. I believe we must bring both sides back to the table, work together, and get things accomplished.
I believe that the government must lead the way in bringing this wonderful country back together and end this destructive division before it’s too late.
I am ready, willing, and up to the task. Your vote puts me in the position to physically take action. You get one vote, please make it count, choose wisely.

Peter is dedicated to bringing people together to implement the available solutions to the problems that we are all facing in our day-to-day lives, on both the local and national stages. Through his experienced leadership and proven ability to get the job done, against all odds, he will follow through to the successful completion of each of the troubling issues facing us today.