Soul Connection – May 19

The Soul ConnectionThursday at 12 PM Pacific
May 19th 2022: “Producing Freedom, From Film To Congress”

“Cut! Take Two…” There is certainly a fresh cry for a new production in the air of America! This week our Soul Doctor connects to a Veteran Film Producer Peter Weed and Documentary Producers Xavier and Jonathan Garcia with Mount Harvest Films as they talk about their faith as a motivation within the film industry. Our host, Dr. K is so very honored to have the privilege of connecting and creating content for a joint project and vision with these solid Christian brothers! Our first guest, Peter Weed currently running for a Congressional seat out of the Orlando area, District 10, shares how the current environment and love for his country has prompted him to throw his hat into the midterm race. He has been a successful businessman and film producer for many years, with such hits as Snow Dogs, Ali, and All About the Benjamins. Our conversation continues with the two brothers that had a successful ad agency working with the biggest recognized names of corporate clients; that then felt the prompt in their faith, to walk away from that lifestyle to produce all pro-Christian and/or American content.

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